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     Interview with Solange Khoury by Diana Giraldo (Mi Gente Magazine)

How sol.k becomes one of the most popular eyewear brand in more than 10 countries in less than 1 year:

Sol.k the Lebanese Spanish brand owned by Lebanese entrepreneur ´´Solange khoury´´ has gained a lot of fame among many well-known people during the past months, the reason why we decided to interview mrs. Khoury.

The young Lebanese entrepreneur,  told us that it wasn’t easy for her specially that she decided to launch her brand in big markets where there is a lot of competitions, ´´it wasn’t easy for us, especially with the presence of big reputable brands  in the market, but thanks god we made it and sol.k  is among the top brands in many countries and it is selling like crazy” said khoury.

Khoury told us that it wasn’t easy specially at the beginning because it is very hard to believe in a new brand.

We asked her if she found problems in introducing  her brand to the shops at the beginning and  she said; ´´yes, we got rejected many times, many shops wanted only reputable eyewear brands and I completely understand, because it is really hard to believe in anything new, normally  I am very optimistic in life so what happened didn’t stop me and I believed in the brand from the first day. i was always saying to my employees to not worry at all, even if they’ve got rejected 1000 times, for sure they will make it another 100 times, and this is what exactly happened and this is one of the reason behind the success of our brand´´.

Solange khoury told us that she think that another reason behind sol.k success is the quality vs price as  she finds that the price is very affordable comparing  to the quality; ´´ we use a very high quality, we deliver the most value to our clients while our costs are affordable and any person can buy it´´.

Khoury tell us that she launched more than 50  models in different markets, and she had to restock at least 20 models many times, ´´we offer highest quality, classy fashionable designs,  unisex models and very special packaging  the reason why lots of famous people are loving our brand. we collaborate with multiple designers from Europe and middle east, our shades are available in many countries in Europe, middle east, usa and latin America´´.

Honestly while checking their website and Instagram page I personally fell in love with their designs and I am sure I will order at least 2 models! I wish them  a lot of  success and always remember that you can build any new business even if there is a lot of competition just work hard and believe in it !